Thursday, October 20, 2011

SAORI weaving is for any age

The joy of weaving FREE OF RULES the SAORI way is so much fun. all ages from 4yrs and up tottaly  love weaving on saori looms. I am very happy to "teach" more like "guide "students to weaving in the SAORI way. The joy is as much mine as my students.

I have been busy since  the Open Studios  tour ended, making loom , and weaving accessories bags.

A special order was picked up this past sunday .

This loom bag is destined to my Esty shop $145 Esty store saorisantacruz

 I love this bag . black with yellow accents

The accessory bags for rigid heddle heddles, reeds, and convient for storing extra harness like for the SAORI inside sets.

 inside set ready  to be stored in my accessory bag. There is a heavy vinyl clear sleeve for a 3x5 index card to write down any information you may need to remember. a drwa string with a cord stop and a side round black  shoulder handle . THESE are sold but they run $45.

And  a bag with a place for your extra reeds and a shoulder handle. $25

and chenille ovals $145 loom bag.

Jon the fantastic artist who forged and designed the shuttle and wheel signs came up this week and moved the spinning wheel to the opposite wall greeting all who come to Saori Santa Cruz studio.



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  1. It's great to see how much fun everyone is having! You're right - there is NO age limit to having fun and being creative!
    Keep up the great sharing you do.


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