Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas theme for a SAORI weaving

A new Saori weaver creates a fun table mat for the  Christmas holidays in the studio today.
yikes Solstice is less than 2 months away, what happen to this year!

She chose a theme she had been thinking of and all her own colors.


We will revove the packing yarn in the top rows. then we talked about sewing bells or beads on the fringes.

what I love about  Saori is even a new weaver gets inspired and  then weaves fantastic pieces ,  I mean a  christmas cloth right from the beginning , such creativity!

Wonderful clasped wefts with frosty sparking white yarn . Next class she wants  is wind her own warps and weave a mobius cowl.

peaceful weaving

Jill Nickolene

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