Sunday, October 23, 2011

New drop spindle learn to spin class

Today my friend Maggie and I  taught a beginning spinning class  at the Golden Fleece in Santa Cruz. The weather was fantstic, almost 90 degrees and October 23rd! So we went out side and sat under the tree for our class. IT was a wonderful class . We have 4 new spinners, who took home fiber bags, and a simple drop spindle to practice, november 6th we meet again for a spinning wheel class for those who want to learn wheel spinning.

 maggie demonstating  with Brendas fantastic fiber

This student fell in love with maggies trindleman spindle and learned to spin very even yarn

 Many spindles were brought by Maggie and I so everyone could find there own favorites.
Each person probably tried 8  spindles. Top whorls, bottoms whorls,  turkish,supported spindles. as well as opportunities  to card and comb unprocessed fleece, soy silk, alpaca, silk hankies, soy silk, plus  learn various  breeds of fleece.

This student loved the golding aromatherapy spindle and the Royal  Hare supported spindle.

And although she tried them all she loved the golding celtic  ring spindle the  very best.

Busy at work every one learned to spin and to ply.


Maggie  and some of  the fiber stash  and the turkish spindle.

We had a customer who is a long time excellent  spinner come out to see what we were doing. She was amazed at the array of spindles and just could not resist playing as well. and lured by the Golding ring spindles .They are amazing  in quality  of workman ship and balance .

Here is the wonderful  yarn shop owner Gunilla pleased with the classes out come. It is rare that  a knit shop owners support local weavers and spinners and felters  too and Gunilla  and her staff is  so nice .
She has wonderful yarns , next time you are in santa cruz california stop by and visit THE GOLDEN FLEECE and say hi to her.

                  I love to reach out to the community  teaching all  fibery skills.
Like I always say" a peaceful life must include fiber" .......Jill Nickolene Sanders

                            PEACEFUL WEAVING AND SPINNING  ........Jill


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  1. Looks like a wonderful day! I've long wanted to try the Golding Aromatherapy!


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