Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Winding a warp, and threading the Saori way

Lisa came to the studio yesterday. She has woven at a community college class, has a table loom and wanted something more user friendly so she wanted to start with warping and weave a scarf in the Saori way.
Day one of four classes. In about 2 hours she wound a warp for a scarf in colors she choose. Look at her plaid blouse , she loves those summery colors so those are the colors Lisa chose for her scarf.

So all 100 ends, 95" long warp wound on the saori board and reed sleyed.
 " I can not believe how much i got done two hours" lisa said. She told me it was very long DAYS during her college classes last year to get the same amount done, "and it was easy with the saori warping , not hard on my back."
The new saori warping board can adjust so even if you want to sit down to warp you can. The pegs angled out  so to  keep  the warps on the pegs  effortlessly. Not to mention the option, which we did not use this time, of placing the cones mounted  right on the warping board holders and threading the warp through the eye hooks mounted on the board as well, to facilitate warping up to 5 threads at a time using just your thumb, not  a warping paddle, spool racks etc. LET ME REPEAT THAT. warp 5 individual threads with the crosses individual too, at one time with just your thumb, a fabulous technique.
Next class time is threading the heddles and beaming on the warp on the saori loom. So more to come.
 to be continued........

peaceful weaving

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  1. I sure wish I could take a class with you Jill. I love your posts. :-) Especially since we can't see anything of yours right now!


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