Sunday, July 10, 2011

Debra dives into Saori weaving

RAISE your hand if you  LOVE YELLOW. I do I do  with my arm strained  towards the ceiling! Okay look at these lovely Saori weaving with yellows then. Debora is weaving some amazing things for her first 10 days or so on her saori loom......

YES Debra really dove into the pool of creativity  and wove through all of her warp while using  amazing add-ins . Being  new to weaving and I am inspired by her foraging skill in her garden and her scrap baskets. Look at these ad-ins to her weavings.......

dried flowers

silk fabric strips beaten hard

silk  fabric strips not beaten

wish the sparkle in the yarns translated more in this photo because  it is lovely.

 YELLOW pages!!!!

off to the far upper left in the shadows lies a weaving she made and wanted to complement with her new weavings . In the  foreground is what she did.

  CHRISTMAS IN JULY? Debra is thinking of christmas,  i am too busy so it far from my thoughts right now, so at home she wove and added some charm to her christmas theme weavings . She broke up the red and green with cedar, dried rose buds, ribbons,holly and fabric strips. We are trying to figure out to keep fir or cedar from shedding and drying out. I guess if we figure that out we will be nominated for huge grants for all sorts of scientific  research.

 And  threading a new warp? well it is very easy on your body and fun to thread your harnesses and sley the reed comfortably on a table with the saori threading holder. Then take it to over to easily hang and place it on  the  loom.  Debra said, " you can actually carry on a conversation and thread this way at the same time and  be  comfortable  with out messing up".     I agree .
more info here

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