Saturday, July 30, 2011

MAVENS OF THE FIBER FOREST beach day and SAORI weaving

 The mavens met at the beach friday for a fiber day. Our official 2nd annual maven fiber beach day.
 I brought my book charka and the piccolo Saori loom. I got to weave  about 10 mins. the rest of the day passers by and children flocked to  try weaving..... so I spun cotton on my charka, because once I showed one or two how to weave and advance the warp they all kept teaching each other! i stayed close by for minor requests like, "can I change the color bobbin?"
I supplied a bag of pre wound bobbins in many colors for them to chose from,

Jenny on left has been blind from birth. jon on the right is my student from years past who I taught to spin weave knit felt......
Jon has been teaching jenny for the last 1 1/2 years to spin. she is now selling her yarn and not having to fold pizza boxes like she did for years for money which she hated. 
cathy spinning

maggie and brenda . maggie made drop spindles to give to children and adults who wanted to keep spinning. Brenda donated some fiber to go with them.

park and draft spinning  new students

Then  scarlet 5 yrs old wanted to go on to the saori loom for weaving

Logan fell in love with weaving.

 Jenny with her assistant kristen plying

 Brendan LOVES orange he wove till the shuttle was empty.

A magical day many will never forget.

peaceful weaving

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