Wednesday, February 23, 2011

maggie weaves saori

Today Maggie came to the studio to spend the day weaving, and  she learned to wind a warp and dress a Saori loom and  learn weaving techniques.
She was impressively quick to pick up everything and had no broken or crossed threads  through out her weaving. That was not beginners luck she is a very accomplished fiber artist in beading, spinning, felting, dyeing, knitting, crocheting and soon weaving as well!  I am sure I forgot and left out some other fiber talents she has as well.
Loved her unusual color palate and textures she chose. That is what I love about Saori. The uniqueness of the colors each person  vision brings to there own weaving's. We had so much fun! Saori designs looms and equipment which allows the weaver to learn with user friendly ease from the beginner weaver to the seasoned weaver alike.

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