Monday, February 21, 2011


Lee has a new obsession, espresso . He has spent weeks gathering information and tools and special grind coffee to make his espresso debut. He does not drink coffee and has drunk tea for as long as I have know him, that is more than 1/2 his life. Health reasons keep me from coffee but I did have some in my own tiny bone china espresso cup. It  is really  good. our commercial stove top it to hot for the small espresso maker so he has a special butane burner. The new skeins of yarns I bought at stitches west are... yes,browns like espresso .  I am eyeing the grounds for maybe dye? the compost gets them until I research that.
Out of my depth here discussing coffee but for the very first time in our home coffee fills the air on the week ends and holidays. I will have to suffice on the scent most of the time but it is very different than regular coffee which most of you probably know. Besides piles of papers for getting our taxes in order, this has been the focus the last few days. I did nothing presidential  for today for presidents day, unless working on taxes counts. Yes it does!

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