Saturday, February 5, 2011

19th day of the Saori weaving challenge

Today is the 19th day of the weaving challenge a yard a day for 30 days. Progress is 21 yards woven so far.
This week when I started weaving my pewter warp a yard or two into it found me searching for a more exciting weave. so I just started playing and came up with a hybrid leno lace technique I invented.
 I have really enjoyed playing with it. My husband Lee called it pliĆ© like in ballet. so that is what i am calling it. Here is pliĆ©

I think this will be a great weave for a window, or  gauzy unstructured jacket. I was going to switch back to a heavier weft but i am having so much fun with plie  that I am continuing on with it. There is a small amount of "ballet pink ", barely noticeable, hear and there amongst the grays .

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  1. Jill-- this is SO beautiful!! I am looking forward to when I can spend time with you...


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