Wednesday, September 29, 2010

weaving , and felted hat

Debbie's weaving, beautiful colors

Jill's weaving influenced by Debbie's creativity.
This past week Debbi came to weave. Debbie is an amazing physical therapist . A small bit of her extensive background she shared.............  when she was in school and training she came from one of the last groups of physical therapists who learned weaving skills along with her other training. How wonderful and rare is that.  How sad that weaving and working with ones hand as a recuperating activity both physically and mental to get them back to health has been eliminated !
Even though it had been decades since she wove she did a wonderful piece and she wants to make it into a tube for a wind sock. I took the time and wove along with her on my golden rod and lavenders cotton warp. When she started adding wool fiber to her weaving I started adding pom pom yarn to mind. The Saori philosophy says we all learn from each other and influence each other and that is exactly what happened!
NOW into fall knitting
I have had this knitting pattern for a witches hat for about a year so for the last few weeks i have been franticly  knitting this hat with fair isle color work out of wool and then felted it. It is drying as i  am writing but for now I will post the before and after photos the dried hat photos to follow. I have pumpkins already on the steps to the house so autumn is calling me.

The big knit witches halloween hat I have been knitting before felting

drying in the sun ,stuffed, and shaped and  sculpted weighted down brim with stones after  felting finished felted hat

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