Wednesday, September 22, 2010

saori looms and weaving with children

Hope is weaving her new piece on a saori SX60 loom now. The piccolo could have been adjusted higher for her since she is almost too tall for it on the lowest setting but the raised height is almost the same height as the sx60 so we tried her on it and found that it was comfortable for her too. She chose her colors and yarns herself , and wound all her bobbins with the built in bobbin winder, then wove self directed changing colors when she wanted for about a hour straight. She taped her yarn samples in her journal. She wants to weave enough to be able to sew her own vest. so that whats will will do weave the cloth then sew the garment. She learned how to advance the warp by herself and I am impressed with her selvages , even though in saori weaving philosophy that is not a concern she has the ability to sense the tension and holds her thumb over the bobbin as the yarns wind off naturally. She is a natural at weaving.

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