Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well this is the first of  of three days that I am demonstrating at the Santa Cruz county fair. i set up my saori loom so that the school aged children can weave on it too. After an hour one of the other people in my group said"did you see what awards you pieces won, I totally forgot about that. I am blown away. my knitted and felted mushroom bag won ........... BEST OF SHOW!!!! and my saori woven and fulled wool hand bag won a special award the Carri Jacbson-May award of excellence. OMG and i got a 1st for my hand spun hand knitted "brownie" doll, and 3 2nd places, for my ruana, dress, and scarf. my saori jacket did not win a thing, so saori has a way to go for the judges to understand but i am very surprised that as  much Saori weavings were accepted  by then as they were!   since the purple mushroom bag is displayed in a glass case it is hard to see so here is the photo I took of it 2 weeks ago in the studio. The mushroom top slides up on the strap exposing the "stem" part that holds ones purse things. {and yes it is botanically correct and there is such a thing as a purple mushroom} some creative license was executed, I can not be totally void of interpretation .
i will report more tomorrow, there are going to be over 4, 000 school children/ teachers etc. in attendance tomorrow will get back with more photos and details stay tuned.


  1. Yay! Way to go Jill! Your Saori bag won a special prize! And congratulations on your other prizes, too. Maybe you could photograph how the mushroom purse works so we can see.

    Great blog!


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