Thursday, August 5, 2010

6 year old and weaving joy


The weather was perfect for another SAORI weaving class on the covered deck yesterday. My returning student brought her 6 1/2 year old son along to class and another new student tried her hand at a first weaving intro. SHE was sad to leave the loom she loved weaving so much. well i am astounded but this is true. the 6 yr old after playing with cars and bottles and some dress ups said I want to weave. So I set him up with shuttles and a loom and continued helping  his mom. A few mins. passed he had used up a complete bobbin and was beaming and asked for more yarn.  He wove on for 5 straight HOURS. There was a brief food break, A few mins here and there but he was so excited he did not want to stop. We then moved into the inside studio and the loom  was barely inside the door when he grabbed a chair and was off weaving again. I heard from his mom this morning. After they arrived home and had dinner he wove for another 2 hours before bed. Then first thing this morning right out of bed he started weaving again! That is weaving JOY and competition for the loom mom!  Her great saori free style scarf and first weaving just off the loom, really beautiful.

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