Friday, August 20, 2010

Santa Cruz County fair crunch time

This week has been hectic. Last minute finishings before I take my entries to the Santa Cruz county fair . The bartlett pears, gravenstine apples, two kinds of plums  are falling from the trees in droves! so i made pear, plum apple sauce, every day this week. I ran out of canning jars today so went to the hard wear store  to get get dozens more. sneek peek of one of my entires, an hand knit hand spun and dyed alan dart creature  and my indigo hand spun yarn was turning my hands blue , but the clean up from the canning, I deep freeze the canned sauce in canning jars, finely erased the stubborn indigo stain from my hands. : update all 7 of my entries are delivered to the fair , woven clothing, a dress and jacket,  a wet felted mushroom bag,hand spun knitted brownie , and a scarf, and woven bag. will post photos of the display and weaving demos at the fair after the the 15th of sept . the week of the santa cruz county fair.

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