Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Using what comes to you

We have some awesome fruit trees and currently EVERY tree is producing laundry baskets, galvanized wash tubs and buckets full of pears, apples and plums. My dear husband lee has been picking the fruit and bringing it to me like cats bring in they latest prey , daily. I like to wait till the fruit reaches it's perfect ripeness before cooking and making sauces so this is a time consuming process. This year i decided with the first really big crop of gravenstine apples ever  to combine them all in a apple sauce  which is apple pear, plum sauce. all organic and from our property only thing added is filtered water and scant amount of ascorbic acid crystals. i "put them up" in canning jars, glass is the healthiest, and i use to freeze them to save on additionally fuel consumption the canning boiling process and we have a deep freezer which is really inexpensive to run electrically.  BUT this year I am deep hot water canning most of them.
I thought to my self how unhappy i would be in a 20 story apartment in a huge city, no way I could can fruit  and stay contented to the earth daily. That is important  to my healthiness on all levels. So when and if any of you receive jars of our fruit sauce from us know that they are more than healthy and good tasting and beautiful plum shades, they are also full of centering energy from our Zayante studio/orchard to your body.

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