Thursday, June 2, 2022

Weaving students and a New Ashford rigid heddle loom book Basics and Beyond just released Saori Santa Cruz

 Happy June everyone! Covid is more contagious than ever but seems to not sending more patients to the hospital how ever because i am in close contact teaching i still have students wearing masks  during classes safe you and for myself.

 Antoinette  is working on weaving wool  warp with horse hair for a customer.

She has a  saori piccolo 40 loom but now she has the wonderful saori ch60 loom she bought one.
we popped her new loom  into her car along with a inside set to change out her weaving with out unthreading.

information on the wonderful saori ch60 loom has height risers and a wonderful brake system 
more info SAORI CH60 LOOM CLICK HERE or contact me through WWW.SAORISANTACRUZ.COM


Meet jeanine , a new to weaving student who really enjoyed her first intro to weavig try it class at saori santa cruz

 she chose a branch that i collect from our property to tie her weaving to and then i taught her to twist fringes to finish it! she wants to come back and weave a pillow top!


Cadance has needed a tecnique class for over a year and was just able to schedule a class. she came to the studio for a jam packed 4 hour class and learned 9 different tecniques . first was  FLUFFY WEAVING   she requested it. you weave  tall mountains with your wefts and then when you are finished you pull width wise and it stretches out 2 to 3 times its width! this was her first saori in person weaving class and she was thrilled and learned so much.
fluffy weaving tecnique before and after

here is a video of us stretching it out!

she brought examples of her weaving from the last year to show me . she wanted to learn more than just weaving stripes… so we did more!

 learning portals 

three color clasped weft 
 learning tabs

"We got home safe and sound, and all knotted up( on the drive home) 
on both pieces. Thank you so so much for all this knowledge. 
I’m thrilled to be weaving now!!! Sincerely,Cadence "
i have to say that this NEW RIGID HEDDEL LOOM BOOK BASICS AND BEYOND is wonderful
phot rich 200 pages packed with information 

to purchase book click here  I just recieved my shippment from ashford  look inside as a turned a few pages 

also available to buy  in my second etsy shop  for  different rigid heddle looms here centeringwithfiber Etsy shop 

 lastly i wove three SAORI HATS (all spoken for ) 

ADDED some supplementary warps 

 my secret to soft finished weavings is Euclan wool wash  from Australia , euclan wool wash click here i prefer the eucalyptus natural scent ,  remember it is NO RINSE!  that sounds icky  but it is fablous and  has natural  lanolin i to soften !t is fablous for sweaters, to bathing suits, and skeins of yarns!


saori weaving classes 

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