Sunday, February 2, 2020

Saori Weaving Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains making a saori no sew hat and other weavers at the studio

“I want to make a new sew saori hat too “ this is stuart ‘s week retreat !
 Meet Stuart , she came for a week in november to learn how wind a warp, and use the Kenzo table top system and sew!
 she chose the colors for her first warp  for two saori hats she will weave on back at the Air B and B

  the  saori yardage she brought to sew garments from

  heading to the lower teaching deck to wind a warp

 the saori free standing warping frame here

  day 2 sew a jacket !


  finish off the hats warp  on the piccolo

  making the saori no
sew caps

 DAY 4
WIND A WARP for the 4 harness inside set for her to take back to  home on east coast  and a similar warp for a scarf to weave back in her room.

the saori kanzo table top system save your back!

  one of hats finished

  scarf warp on the loom she will take it back and weave in her room in the evenings

DAY 5 

  threading four harnesses  on a inside set . it is put on my saori ch60 loom to check for mistakes  then
tied up and wrapped to take back in her luggage on the plane

 DAY 6  FINISH the scarf!!!

  finish threading a special saori limited warp on a 2 h inside set

  and her scarf off the loom !!!

 what a full busy week. she wound 3 warps and threaded a 4th !

 plus a jacket, an long vest, 2 hats, a scarf !!! yea!!!

busy with more students in late november 

  Brih showed me her latest weaving
  she learned to threadf a black ready made warp  on her new wx60 loom!
  here he mother is helping assemble some things on it.

  the wx60 in the car in it's loom bag goiung home ! my sewn loom bags in my etsy shop here

Saii is back to start a new scarf and take her finished scarf home...


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