Sunday, February 2, 2020

catching up blog!!! saori santa cruz classes

Yes 6 month since my last blog! i had  2 joint surgeries and for the first time in 10 years i took some time off and reduced my classes and recovered.  I am back !
i am doing great now recovering   having classes again .
it is time to  catch on my blogs  ( the next 4 blogs actually ) up starting by going  back to fall of 2019  !

  out on the lower teaching deck looms set up for a wonderful  saori weaving group

4 friends  had a wonderful day trying on saori clothing 


Veronica has a new saori ch60 loom she came to learn how thread the ready made warps


Brih came  back for some  saori weaving classes and made a simple poncho 

  she was joined  in  the class by with a new student to weaving


 spinning class basics 


Debbie has been busy weaving and brought her Saori yardage for a   garment Sewing class.

here is the yardage she brought 
 hand spun alpaca weft

  we got to work deciding on what style to create
 she tried on muslins  that i have in my classes

i measured and determided she had enough to make a jacket 
  so we started cutting and peacing

 she loves it!!!
  then enough to sew a vest

  Peaceful weaving , spinning and sewing in the redwoods of northen california
                                         JILL NICKOLENE SANDERS

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