Sunday, August 25, 2019

Saori Santa Cruz studios weaving and spinning classes students spring 2019

I took a break from my blog this spring for a few months so this is a catch up as to what Saori  weaving students  and spinning students  at the studio have been up to  catching up whirlwind post! HIGHLIGHTS from spring 2019 students


  and this beautiful family wove together !

Andrea bought a LOUET S10C ART YARN WHEEL 

  with the  travel bag

 more  busy studio classes freinds weave together

  a vist from Jacquie Lee from Saori Japan to the studio with students and a Kai

Andrea is back weaving this time with
 a saori wx60 loom going home with her!

 TOOKIE loves saori weaving!
  Freinds doing two full days of weaving

SAORI folding Piccolo Looms here

  second day


  my Saori top (SOLD)



Tatiana bought a Spinolution pollywog wheel here

Tookie is back to pick up her new Saori ch60 loom

   the ch60 fit in a  toyota rav 4 easily


  a Saori  traveling yarn cone holder stand for warping or winding bobbins  in my etsy shop here


Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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