Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Saori weaving birthday party at Saori Santa Cruz

Last week a Birthday party was booked at the studio for 6 classmates  that came for Tea'a 9th birthday party! It was storming weather  but we were cozy inside with bright yarns and laughter  for 2 hours!

6 threaded looms SAORI floor looms  set up and awaiting

 Kids arriving...

 once inside coats and boots shed the students sat at the looms and awaited instructions

AND THE FUN BEGINS, ! no previous weaving  experience needed.

 Mom and grand mom were there ro help serve pizza and veggies snacks they brought . 
The girls had so much fun!
and before you knew it  it was time to take the weavings off the looms

 with squeals of delight!

  finished group shot of the party group holding there weavings. each got to choose a branch for there piece.

there mom sent me this photo of all the weavings  hanging up while the girls had a cupcake party back at there house.

  for  booking a weaving birthday pary go here

cynthia Tea's mom said " Tea  said I wants to come back when I  turns 10 too" . yes 
what a perfect  fun colorful party for a  soggy , rainy blustery day.

Peace from the loom
Jill N sanders

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