Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sewing Saori clothing class, learn to warp on a Saori warping frame , busy studio visits….

 Saori hand woven yardage waiting to sewn into garments! Leigh Ann is celebrating you first year since she was introduced to SaoriWeaving at the studio ! Look at this amazing fabric!
Ending 2016 with lots of students  coming to classes at the studio!

  We discussed  and tried on muslins for fit  and then set about sewing pieces together to cut out

 Sucess day one is done and her green  SAORI JACKET for he mother in law is compleate .
she will do a little finish work at home!

 Day 2 Leigh Ann is sewing her blue yardage for a saori jacket for herself. It was raining, yea! no drought this winter so far at least!
 both days we start my draping the washed and pressed yardage on her and discussed what she would like . we were warm in the tree house sewing studio .
we start to cut and piece her amazing saori loom woven Yardage.

Saori Sewing classes available by scheduled times here at the studio.

 lots of trying on sewing , more cuting , cutting again  and her own Jacket emerges!

  We liked a pronounced asymmetrical hem and leaving fringes on the center front

   I showed her how to fussy cut the back with with a center vent .love it!

  A quick photo shoot  out on the weavers path because it is still raining...

TWO great jackets Leigh Ann! this blue be will fantastic with jeans too!


 Lea  scheduled a full zen day of weaving

  her morning piece taken off,  she ate lunch and  then she wove  all afternoon self directed again.. she brought her Hand spun yarns to use!

  She used fabric strips  and loved the 20" handmade boat shuttles here in my Etsy shop. great for torn fabrics or sakori,  art yarns! 

  Baskets of  beautiful finsihed saori weaving cloth she wove went home with her to be installed in a collaborative show next month with her partner's  pieces who does metal sculptures.

 Leigh Ann is ready to learn to wind a warp!

  she starts out by choosing all the yarns she may want to use.

 saori warping frames here with the folding stand

  Now to use the saori cross holder here takes the place of holding the cross in your hands or useing lease sticks .
 she brought her saori inside set what is a inside set look here

 second day threading on the Saori threading holder here comfortably away from the loom

  warped beamed on.. it is beautiful!

  now she has her own ready made warp roll  of 12 yards to take home and put on her saori wx60 loom!


 Tea wants to have her 9th birthday party  with 5 other classmates at the studio! So she came and checked it out i showed her how to weave on the piccolo loom!  Birthday parties at the studio are very fun!

  another new weaver… Jolie and her partner came for a try it class this week too…

  Beautiful long blues hanging!!!

 Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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