Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New saori weaver, Saori hats,12 oz spinning upgrade for my spinnolution wheel

When it is the cold and wet season  being snugly inside with our  Fiber arts is  comforting. Add warm tea or soup and weave and spin Relax ...

Sharon came to the studio last week to pick up her new Saori CH60 loom four harness  4 h upgrade here  She is new to weaving and so our two day class started out with her threading her new 4 harnesses with a Saori ready made warp 300x30 warp. that is almost 24" wide by 33 yards but there are many sizes to chose from.from 4" 8".12",16",20" to 24". this was our first day.

 Hi Sharron! lets start threading!!!

first day threading DONE!
 behind the scene's  I was being a santa's work shop  and was busy assembling !

.....So that the fully assembled  ch604h loom , bench and warping frame could go to Sharron's home this week

 day 2  Hang the harnesses place the reed and weave !!!

 Saori looms all have the  built in bobbin winders..... a dream!

 Sharron loves the custom made Ski shuttles here  she spins chunky yarns to big for boat shuttles this way she use thick yarns and  using the super slick ski shuttles they still slide across the warp!

 now onto learning to wind a warp on her saori warping frame

  warp wound for a scarf now to thread it away from the loom comfortably with the saori saori threading holder here  and the Saori cross holder here

  The oh so therapeutic comfy Swedish reindeer  bench pads are amazing! ( reindeer  are not endangered , these are from a farm in Sweden )
  the have grommets and adjustable  straps .
 this one went home with Sharron with her new Glimarka weaving bench here too.

delivered to her safe and sound
Peaceful weaving Sharron! Thank you!

 Found some time  to wind a warp for some Saori hats this week!

 cottons mostly...

  Hat one

   hat 2 blues and greens still drying

 will be up in my etsy shop soon…

 hat #2 blue green hat done...

rafts down the rapids hat # 3 woven but it is still drying...

a new loom bag  for the wx60 loom bags here ..emerges from the sewing studio this one is upholstery red striped velvet with a jacquard color block fabric . 


The cute Spinolution pollywog  wheel brand new 12 oz upgrade head arrived!

  love the sweet wheel for it's size and price and now it has options Spinolution wheel upgrade here in my etsy shop
  and for those who want to lace weight yarns the spionlution pollywog accelerator head upgrade here

....and speaking of spinning wheels I have now available to ship 
Judth MacKenzie's and will taylor's  designed  Lazy kate made by Clemes and Clemes !
Not all lazy kates are the same. This one is elegant, simple portable  I  carry the 3 ply and the 4 ply in my etsy shop . They will not scoot around on the floor but they are not over built , heavy  or clunky either  They ARE very portable

  The removable  rods stash inside the base.
                                                                     clemes and clemes lazy kate here

" JMac Lazy Kate. It was designed by Will Taylor for Judith MacKenzie to meet her requirements of being highly portable, untensioned, and present the bobbin at an angle, rather than vertically or horizontally. After producing the JMac Lazy Kate for over a decade, sales have outpaced both the capacity of Will's tiny shop and his free time. In Spring of last year, Will asked us to take over production of the JMac Lazy Kates and let him get back to his true passions - hand spinning and model trains. We gratefully accepted and are proud to add the JMac Lazy Kates to our product lineup. "


If you have not tried the Saori cone winder attachment you are missing out on a economical fun accessory from your bobbin winder I adore making one of a kind yarns from many different ones with out adding a bunch of twist!

 2 saori  piccolo looms go with me to our family gatherings and the grand children as young as 3 can weave!

and enjoy other fibery crafts


 Here is my 12" ashford knitters loom and stand knitters loom  with it's baby sister the Ashford sample it loom  sitting on top. A wonderful  fun gift for anyone and very reasonable price..

and the great purl and loom  pocket looms too purl and loop looms  as a gift or a in the pocket or purse carry project

Peaceful weaving and spinning from the redwood forest
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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