Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saori Santa Cruz August Kai 2014

What is a Saori Kai? It is a special gathering where Saori weavers meet to share there weavings and ideas and  where those new to Saori concepts come to learn more about it. This Kai was held at the Michael Angelo Gallery in Santa Cruz. It was held  in conjunction with the "Fiber InForm" show currently showing for the month of August.

 The class room off the gallery
A seasoned  amazing  traditional weaver Bev trys out the saori loom wx60 loom and loves it.

 Isa has been using various second hand looms  and had the opportunity to try the Saori wx60 for the first time . She fell in love with it.

Maggie brought her small tapestry loom  that she creates woven cuff braclets with..

  Many spun on the there wheels….


 shared….. Bev brought her rug  that she wove and a lovely traditional tapestry she wove. She is really excited about Saori weaving now.

 Isa wore the most amazing piece! A shell and jacket she wove , designed and sewed.

 Just look at this cool design!

  she added a removable fastner.


 Jennifer  and others shared..

  New weavers dropped by as well as  talented experienced  weavers . They shared stories too .Wonderful discussions were overheard

  saori rodless shuttle etsy shop link to shuttle

  I  brought a Saori  WX60 folding loom and the smaller  the Saori piccolo loom

 I received in the post a few days ago several amazing woven pieces from my talented friend and Saori weaver SUE .These are her weavings she sent  to me to share at the Saori Kai. The photos at the kai came out fuzzy and dark  but these pieces are so beautiful that I took these and I am posting    photos of the pieces so you can see what all the praise at the kai was about!

On the left the grey and wine wool, on the right the happy cottons yardage with tab fringes!

  Sue's  spins and dyes much of her own yarns and weave with them in the weft. This is a lovely hand spun weft stole!  i can not get the sparkles to show up in the photos. THANK YOU SUE THEY WERE A WONDERFUL INSPIRATION!

Sue's  grey and wine wool yardage being passed around. You can see here they were oooed and awed over PROFUSELY . SUE YOUR PIECES ARE FANTASTIC!

Thank you Roberta for curating  and installing the Fiber InForm show. I am glad you brought your Saori loom along to the Kai and wove too! I love your clasped weft!

Later in the afternoon  the public dropped by , they learned about saori looms and some tried  weaving  for the first time. They also walked around the gallery and saw the show. I was way to busy to to stop and take more  photos . 
Thanks to all of you  who came and participated.
 It was a really fun and a  lovely Saori sharing day!

Peaceful Weaving
Jill  Nickolene

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