Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Saori hand woven wedding dress chapter 4: time to soak,press and design

Kori completely finished weaving her Saori yardage for her wedding dress fresh off the loom  she brought it to the studio this week. (to view the first chapter  if you missed it start here) kori 's Saori hand woven wedding dress

  Much of the hand woven weft is from yarn she spun ? silk, camel, wool…. I can it see it , can you?

The drape and texture, and lovely feel of the soft yardage is amazing. First thing we did was to twist fringes to prepare it for the washing/soaking and  air drying.

  With fringes twisted Kori asked " can we shoot photos on the steps before we soak it ?"

Of course we can! 

 Photos taken . It is time to soak and sun dry her fabric now …..

  As the fabric dried We talked about dress designs . We pinned and played around with ideas.We found out what direction we wanted.
 Kori is using the cotton ruffled tiered wedding skirt her mother wore 30 years ago when she married as part of her own dress …... so we incorporated it too.

 Fabric drying in the sun
  Time to press while slightly damp

The dress  " muslin" as a pattern  is ready .We lay out  the fabric and discuss grain lines and  special placement ....

  AND cut out the bodice dress front and sides.

    Your hand woven Saori fabric is Really REALLY beautiful Kori…. next week we cut out the silk lining and the dress back so stay tuned for chapter 5.

Peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene
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