Thursday, August 21, 2014

My friends gift to me of her woven saori fabric, that I sewed into a saori vest

My very good  friend Sue gave me this beautiful saori fabric  she wove . most of the wefts were hand spun too….soooo. HOW  lucky am I!
 I was so excited that I got right to it and sewed a new vest ….

 First idea for a simple  design was  way to plain for me….. so…..

 I brought out my vintage singer feather weight to the cutting table to sew this time.

I Cut up  and sewed the fabric to add  more interest.
  sooo more like me now!

  The back of this vest was a pattern from the SAORI Blue sewing design book  blue Saori sewing design Book click here
 see a selfie it fits really well. I changed  the pattern and did my own thin for the front of the vest.
I left fringed edges and added a lamp work bead

 Thank you sue! I adore my new  Saori vest out of your fantastic fabric!.

Peaceful weaving and sewing and spinning in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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  1. Magnificent transition from a fifty inch cloth to a stunning vest--in a matter of hours (not incl the weaving!) in front of your eyes !~! Thanks so much for sharing the process with us.


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