Monday, November 11, 2013

New Saori weaving student takes her scarf off the saori wx60 loom.

Kacie's thrid  and final Saori weave a scarf class
 She is finishing weaving her scarf on the studio Saori Wx60 folding loom. She is a sculpture, and workes with felting and hand built ceramics but this was her first adventure in the weaving world. I embrace the freedom in which she chose her yarns. textures and colors. I could hear kachina dancers spirts around me, although she was inspired by totally opposite  associations in her saturated  palette  choices.

I want to mention something about the Saori wx60 folding loom, you can add  height extenders to it. although Kacie is 5"4" she was having difficulties the first foot of her weaving getting comfortable. we tried the bench at different heights but it was still not quite right. Because saori looms have a unique cool feature inside sets which you can change out a current in process weaving with a differnt weaving with out re threading it, I  then switched her weaving to one of the studio looms with the optional height extenders.  She was very happy with the new adjustments and very comfortable.
 Also having an adjustable weaving bench configured to her height allowed her weave in comfort  .

 I had some fun spinning while Kacie was finishing up  her weaving class
 The lashing rod comes over the back the beam time to un tie  the warp and remove her weaving from the loom.

 SMILES and oooohh's and aha's  and joy!

She will finish twisting her fringes at home then soak and dry her scarf, because in  weaving pieces are not finished untill they have be washed, or soaked , it softens and intergrates the warp and weft. 

A really fun day Kacie, and a fantastic scarf. I think there may be more weaving in your future?

 For 8 years I have cared and repotted a lovely Japanese maple that I gave our son on one of his birthdays, but then new jobs and frequent movings made it impossible for him to plant it…. so it came back to me to watch over it and tend to its care till at some latter date it could be planted. This week end the lovely maple went to his new home that he purchased  and moved into with his family a few months ago be finely planted. the a perfect place.

Jill Nickolene

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