Monday, January 14, 2013

Learning to spin wool into a rainbow skein

This past week at saori santa cruz I was busy dressing a loom for a cotton  saori woven baby blanket.
A new student Susan came to learn to spin. She brought her  wheel, and her basket of fibers.
We started with a drop spindle and moved up to her wheel after about only 15 minutes of pratice. She caught on quickly to drawing out fibers . Soon she was plying her single yarns into a colorful two ply yarn, full of fun and color.

  Yarn from spindle to flyer in no time!

 Plying S twist with a lazy kate.

 we have  YARN, fantastic Rainbow yarn!

 Wonderful first skein Susan!
                                                              REALLY FUN YARN!

Whats on my loom? a cotton baby blanket woven with saori philosphy in cottons.

I am off to look for some more fun colors of yarns on the studio shelf . I feel I am being to limited, can't have that! 

peaceful weaving
jill nickolene

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