Monday, September 5, 2011

A year of " scraps" woven on my SAORI loom now sewn into a skirt

 In the past year every scrap of yarn, fleece, almost depleted  bobbin wool fiber, some hand spun yarn too., etc. went into my "scraps weaving". My 4 harness Saori 60 loom's cloth beam kept being filled but last week I decided ,even though I had many yards of warp left , I would cut it off and wash it and  design and sew  something.

 view of the scraps weaving.I was  recycling all the yarns, fiber, and cut trimmings from the studio with no thought to colors just using them as they were available now washed and line drying

at first I thought I would make some  large sturdy tote bags but I started draping and designing and my woven fabric called to become a  skirt

I hand basted  it on the dress form and cut it to fit.

then off to sew 

 I did some serging of  black cotton as a lining for the skirt back as that  section is the most prone to wear and friction from sitting. 

sewing the lining  to the hand woven fabric.

 almost done ,points grace each side then drape done when worn.

the first 7" or 8" of the weaving was a scrap I had left over after cutting, so I twisted the beginning fringe and hemmed it and made the scrap into a pocket  sewn onto the right side of the skirt. Inside there is a faced waistband and a drawstring for size adjustment.
the shape of the skirt laid flat

there it is.

I enjoyed seeing my wool sewn and designed "matryoshka "shoulder  bag with the scraps skirt . The bag is  sewn out of commercial wool yardage lined in cotton with a zip on top. Before I assembled it I needle felted wool fleece to my matryoska design. It  looks comfortable with the new skirt.

peaceful weaving

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  1. Oh soooo fabulous! I'm screwing up my courage to approach the idea of such a project. I love all the pictures and details, thanks for all of them.


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