Monday, September 5, 2011

Saori weaving class with rigid heddle looms

A local knitting shop , The Golden Fleece in Santa Cruz CA., wanted a weaving class with rigid heddle looms. I said sure BUT it will need to have a Saori philosophical flavor, so the owner said fine. First class with the 6 students we warped, covered basic weaving then the students took the looms ho home  for 3 weeks to weave and returned yesterday for the the "finishing" techniques class. 1/2 of the class not only finished there scarves , but they warped on there own and wove another scarf! one student wove 4 scarves! These were all new weavers.
one student loves tartans

another lavenders and beige cotton

 a lovely textured green scarf.
 another student wove purples, amazing and with wonderful drape.

 cashmere and some novelty yarns for this lovely  lapis  shade scarf

 amethyst  and alpaca greys and lavender and a eye lash yarn  too.

 and the tartan student , on her own, reached out to more expressive saori-ness

APPLAUDING these first time weavers.

peaceful weaving


  1. Hi Jill. Susan here. I was there on 29 Feb 2016 for a one on one class with you. I was getting ready to warp my rigid heddle loom and decided to look on PInterest for some more inspiration. I spotted this right away. It's wonderful. You and your blog are wonderful for supplying plenty of inspiration.

    1. hi susan! Thank you! It was so delightful to meet you last week at the studio and you got to learn si many new Saori techniques in class now go and weave yourself into every piece and yes you can use your rigid heddle loom too!
      Peaceful weaving


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