Monday, March 7, 2011

spring, eggs, woven scarf

A wonderful  saori weaving student brought me a gift. Candace along with Lucian  her 6 yr. son old organically  raise chickens. She has told me the breeds names several times but I can not remember .
I wish I could capture the subtle colors of the pale aqua eggs! I have tried, but instead i will weave something with those colors. One bluish egg shell from one hen is matt the other shell has a lovely sheen. The browns are amazing as well. Thank you Candace and Lucian.
My husband's  very very very favorite scarf, I wove for him years ago ,needed to be washed .I have never photographed it. It is a overshot weave with a silk wool mohair weft and a fine black wool warp.
 I looked out the window to the blooming plum tree and was happy to see that spring is coming soon. 

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