Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spinning and Saori weaving at the beach

Our Santa Cruz  fiber group, Mavens of the Fiber Forest , arrived at Capitola beach around 9 am in the fog and we brought and set up  our spinning wheels. I brought  my wheel and two Saori piccolo looms. the junior life guards were on the beach doing warm ups, a few surfers and boogie boarders were in the waves. and so the beginning of the annual spin and weave at the beach mavens group outing began..

This is Jenny blind from birth. Untill a couple of years ago she folded pizza boxes for a living. Jon , one of my students,who I taught to spinn and weave ,taught Jenny to spin and last year I suggested they get a hansen mini spinner and now she is selling her yarn!
Soon Saori weaving classes for her will be happening with her hand spun.

The main purpose of going to the beach is to spinn and weave in public and share our craft with the tourists, locals, and children and parents . People started flocking and gathering around to watch us weave and spinn for the day. We were there to share and give some hands on experiences of fibers to those wanting to try.We had a marvelous time sharing and visiting with each other and the beach goers

 The sun broke through the fog about 11:30. the beach filled up with families with  friends. We enjoyed our day with scents of sun screen, kelp, sea breezes gulls, and laughter of a people having fun at the beach and dropping by our group, some dripping wet , of all ages, experiencing  fibery things on the sunny beach.

Jill Nickolene Sanders

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  1. This looks awesome! I love the wave in the weaving and the passerby photos. We would totally come out to visit next time you do beach spinning! Neat!

    - Hamsa


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