Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scotts Valley Artisans SAORI weaving class

A fantastic new art gallery and class room expanded the begining of this year. Scotts Valley Artisans  is located in the Santa Cruz mountains of Cailfornia SVA
My first class  was this week, a introductory class  to saori weaving. what a fantastic classroom. here is a photo drop in peek of my two students, Teresa, and Lisa.


Lisa is handicapped and she was unable to weave on  regular floor looms until  she tried Saori looms last year. Her weaving was restricted to levered table looms untill she tried saori looms. She weaves easliy and well on them, and even with limited hand function she was able to spin yarn on the built in Saori bobbin winder with no problem and  then she did weave  her spun yarn right into her sample.

  A fun class and loosening up  the barriers on the old concepts about the " correct way to weave"  were defiantly  broken sucessful.

Donna droped by for a visit to the studio.  She is an amazing sewer. I have enjoyed  her hand sewn garments she has brought to the guild meetings for years, some out of hand wovens.
Some times connecting with other weavers and consulting is so important. She had just returned from  CNCH,  cailfornia weaving conference, and taken a class in rigid heddle weaving from Syne Mitchell. The  saturated color scarf  on the table was the result. She  also wanted to see if some of her yarns , like rayon were chenille ,were ok for a warp for a saori loom  woven scarf as well.

I forget the whole  story but some how she ended up with a long warp some one gave her with no cross! so it was usless as a warp.
I sugested to use the great yarns  by  snipping and cutting up multiple sections  of the warps and use in her weft  for her  future weavings . A huge giganatic thrum. She was excited  to not waste it and to try something new.  She gave me a part , she said she could not use it all , I  am always up for multiple wefts in my  saori weaving too.

Some of my more recent happenings.... 
 I designed  and sewed a saori ipad cover out of some weaving scraps.....
Some hand dyed fleece I spun for a swap on ravelry

When I am not weaving, spinning sewing, dying, teaching  I am thinking about doing all those  fibery things.

PEACEFUL weaving
Jill Nickolene
esty store store saorisantacruz

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