Saturday, August 6, 2011

Robin assembles her new Saori sx60 loom and a busy week in the studio

This was a very busy week at the Saori Santa Cruz studio I have been weaving practically 7 hours a day getting ready for
Open Studios what is open studios? look HERE
So here are some messy studio photos of my  weaving week.............

 Robin was a teacher and is an accomplished harpist . She has been weaving on frame looms for about a year and fell in love with the saori loom. She came to the studio and a less than than a hour she assembled and  was weaving on her new saori sx60 loom . Robin is going to play harp at my open studio's both days! I am thrilled and honored. How fun it will be for the the customers too.

Robin just sent me this photos of her first woven wool scarf from her saori loom below.
I think she is going to be a fantastic Saori weaver. I just love it!

Monday Lisa came back and threaded her heddles, and dressed the saori loom in her 2nd class. her first class she wound a warp and sleyed her reed.
SHE was astounded how easy and user friendly Saori looms and equipment are to use. She left happy and satisfied  with a beautiful warp awaiting her on her 3 class to weave.
below first photo is a beautiful scarf ikat dyed and woven by Lisa she brought for me to see. she wove it in a class she took last year . She said that the warping for this scarf took days not hours and how much easier the saori threading holder and looms were to use.

 above: lisa's beautiful indigo scarf she wove in a college class last year.

 ok back to my work, besides weaving, dyeing , spinning, sewing, I also knit and felt here are  some my own designed knitted and felted bags for open studio I LOVE THESE BAGS AND THEY ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE AND OTHERS TOO!........... It is not uncommon for strangers to follow me around working up the nerve to ask me about my purse while i am shopping. I am  totally delighted . So this is my featured photo on the open studio calendar. See below last photo "purse playground". (because who wants to carry around the same old drab leather purses with zippers and snaps that wear out  and catch when you can have fun with on one of of these.) ART YOU CARRY....... functional art with a distinct attitude. saori -ness ..........



  1. Hi Jill! Fun to see your purses -they are so whimsical, colorful, happy things! :-) Lovely to see others be so happy learning to weave on the Saori looms with you. (where is that jealous button????)
    Glad things are going so well - you're working hard toward the open studio days. Having the harp music is going to be SO cool.....
    Don't work too hard!

  2. These are great. I looked all over for you today on tour - however without a map that was tough... where (address) can I find you tomorrow?

    Karla Stevens


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