Sunday, December 11, 2022

Learn to weave in 5 minutes on Saori floor looms class at Saori Santa Cruz studio

 Winter solstice is less than 2 weeks away, the days are darker longer. a perfect time to be working with fibers. weaving is so much fun!come to a class no prerequisites, sit down and in a few minutes you will be weaving.

Heidi and Maia came for a class last week …

See what they wove

raining  but all is cozy in the pergola class room 

taking a break to have lunch
off the loom!
tying  their  weavings to a branch they picked out.

Heidi and Maia will come back in January for a longer one day  scarf class 

for class info go to my website to find my email and phone to schedule WWW.SAORISANTACRUZ.COM


This week Kerri took a day long class in weaving and learning how to thread a saori ready made warp, and use a saori inside set . we got some drop spindle spinning done in the class as well.

threading  away from the loom with the amazing saori ready made warps and  the original saori threading holder 

 saori clipping rods 

 so easy to use 

what a lovely first ever weaving 

having the right height bench is essential for good ergonomics i have two models in my etsy shop or comtacr me. 
 the Louet bench is for taller weavers 5'6" and up a bonus it will push inside the the ch60 loom with the 2" or higher height extenders when not in use.

 the glimakra benches are for all loom heights and differnt height weavers. it will not push inside the saori looms ,it is wider.

drop spinning


winter warmth yarns i have  found for weavers this amazing textured wool yarn in many yummy colors  up in my etsy shop . it weaves up so fast and is not your usual worsted weight wool yarn!  go here for textured yarn link

need a gift certificate? classes ? or spinning wheels looms? contact me my email is on my web site at the bottom WWW.SAORISANTACRUZ.COM

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