Friday, November 18, 2022

Weaving classes and Spinning classes and a new Saori hat at Saori Santa Cruz with videos

Spinning classes trying out 6 diferent wheels this week at the studio.

 learning to wind a bobbin 

Kamala enjoyed trying the various different  styles and manufactures 

th Spinolution Firefly with built in 18 hour battery and the auto winder called the PAULWINDER like a (woolee winder)
more info click  here THE FIREFLY

the spinolution wheels are not heel toe action but a rocking motion to treadle very ergonomic 

 the ashford traditional wheel is wonderful  as is the ashford espinner 3 electronic and easy both are easy to learn on.
Next was the louet S10C. WHEEL which has options for scotch tension or bobbin lead Irish tension.

Kamala tried both and loved the classic Louet iriah tension louet double treadle wheel irish tension here

 she also tried out the spinolution bullfrog and the ashfoird espinner 3 with a woolee winder.
spining fine lace weight on all 6 wheels but options for thicher longer larger bobbins too!


Sabine came to try saori weaving and buy a saori loom so she wanted to try out the different models. she thought she wanted the folding wx60 model but loved the ch60 non folding with 2" height risers.


I wove a autumn SAORI HAT all very soft cotton washable and so soft it is up in my  ety shop

inspiration from our back yard  the ash and Ginkgo tree 

 another new student who is coming back to weave some holiday gifts in 2 weeks. 

learning to weave 

peaceful spinning and weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders


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