Monday, April 20, 2020

Weaving saori roller towels, making covid 19 masks, and other things

making covid 19 masks for family , friends , join my ravelery group for making roller towels and masks click here weaving saori roller towels because we use  towels a lot with all of hand washing.

 here is a saori woven mask. i put filters inside out of polypropylene non woven fabric 

 what is a roller towel?
it is a towel with buttons or snaps that you connect into a circle for the kitchen bath or utility . 
use it to dry then tuen it to a new  dry section.

  i used thick cotton weft on this towel with the cotton saori warp
here is what i used for weft soft bulky absorbant cotton on cones

  i washed it in hot water and dried it

twisted the fringes and used them as button loops

 i raided my vintage  button stash and had fun making "button cakes" for some added whimsy 


another roller towel i wove this one way to long but i use it and love it just as much .

the theme with this towel was to use up students  left over cotton wound bobbins all the colors
because classes are cancled until futher notice i had time to play!

 to liven up the black warp i used some supplementary warps 


 i sewed a new piccolo ( or it will fit a ashford rigid heddel loom 24' 32" too ) Loom  Bag

   this loom bag along with others is up in my etsy shop click here


   i got a little hand held loom last month and i made a saori -esk bracelet  using more buttons  for fun and therapy


 stay home, stay safe weave spin sew…. from the redwood forests of california
 jill nickolene sanders

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