Monday, September 16, 2019

My Autumn 20019 Saori coat and other students weaving and spinning at Saori Santa Cruz

Autumn means i am itching to create new Saori clothing to sew. so here is my first piece.
i had my emptying bobbin saori yardage  i wove last year which has many many colors from partial bobbins i needed to use them up in no particular order so i woven this yardage  .

 i chose to make a roomy over sized coat  with pockets

 almost 3/4 of the yarns in the weft are my hand spun yarns 

  with lots of fringe

  i really had fun over the 3 days it took to design and sew  this coat . it drapes well and is very cozy for the cool mornings of fall.

 meet Barett she is now a proud owner of a Saori ch60 loom and this is her first weavingi n  a two day class to create  a  one of a kind scarf.

 brett is trying on my  Saori gauze middle earth silk jacket here

 meet Mary she came for 2 days to learn to wind warps and use the the new kenzo system for threading because she has a new Saori ch60 -A-2 loom here !  the saori ch60-A-2  will accomidate her 5" 10" height comfortably

  first up is the  SAORI WARPING FRAME CLICK HERE it is unique because you can get the folding height adjustable easel stand for it which makes it free standing anywhere! i Adore this saori warping frame .

  she wound a wool warp for a winter poncho

  USING THE  SAORI KENZO TABLE TOP SYSTEM click here is a real back saver and makes warping faster and easier nothing like it . beam on away from the loom thread harnesses away from the loom.

  this was the  end of the first day


    Mary bought a  saori inside set  to take home her first  threaded warp and put it on her her loom when she gets it assembled.

WHAT IS A SAORI  INSIDE SET? it allows you to change out a weaving with out unthreading it and go bcak to again in like 10 minutes. a Saori exclusive that no other looms have .

more info on a saori inside set here
  on her second day we tensioned her warp on the loom and took off the inside set for her take home all threaded!

she now used the the kenzo table top threading and beaming system for her scarf warp

  she is taking her scarf warp home as a ready made warp she can thread it like any other saori ready made warp but she made it herself on the kenzo system.


  another wonderful tool for weavers and spinners is the NANCY'S KNIT KNACKS BALL WINDER read about it here   all wood heavy duty amazing

and the GLIMAKRA WOODEN SWIFT HERE A umbrella swift that is made in sweden and made to last a life time.


peaceful weaving, spinning, and sewing in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene Sanders 


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