Saturday, September 14, 2019

Creating and Sewing Saori clothing Classes at Saori Santa Cruz Studio

Irene is an accomplished weaver, both tradtionally and Saori weabing.
she wove many many yards of fabric and brought it to the studio for 4 days of  a sewing intensive classes.

  not onlu are these wonderful saori woven pieces beautiful Irene hand spun  and used her handsoun just about all the wefts!  she is soo talented!!!


  first  piece done is her  amazing red yardage into a coat.

 second her blue green we made into a wrap

  3rd is her purple we made into a vest

forth is her yellow  yardage sewn into a jacket 

  so cute

  5th silk and wool neutrals  now a v est!

6th and last piece a long vest

  colorful sakiori pocket

an amazing full 4 days !


 Lea came with her Saori fabric and we created and sewed a jacket and a vest….

  and from scraps  her vest!

  she looks amazing in her new saori pieces!

Teresa  wanted to weave enough in a class to make a hooded vest  she wanted to buy the SAORI PICCOLO LOOM here too
it is only 15 lbs and she can use for travel in going back and forth to visit familhy in another state easily .

  she is choosing her yarns

  and started to weave

 here she is creating her own  combination or yarns with the saori cone winder attachment here

 we moved inside to the studio as she wove on studio's piccolo i unboxed  her new piccolo loom

  she wanted to weave a ready made special warp  i taught her how the thread on the table top

 she got a saori inside set here that way she can change out here weaving with out re threading my favorite saori accessory and innovation!


  tensioned and ready to go!

Teresa wanted to sew a sleevless vest and hood but did not get enough yardage done so  we appliqu├ęd   her jeans jacket she brought along with sections of the saori weaving she did.

 how cute is that?


jon is creating a hooded vest out of jenny's hand woven saori yardage she wove on her saori wx60. Jenny is blind 
he loves it so much that he is going ask her her to buy it from her!

 suesie looking on !

 great job jon  it looks great on you too!


for classes email me or go here 

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