Saturday, March 3, 2018

Winding Saori warp class ,front to back and back to front

 I  often  get asked what is the next step on my  Saori weaving  journey? Sometimes  learning to wind a warp with your own color choices is what many students here at the studio want next.
Barret came for a all day intensive in learning how the wind warps the saori way! what is so amazing about the saori loom is that she can take her beamed on warp home! is essenence she made her own Saori ready made warps and learned two ways . The Kenzo table top threading /beaming system  back to front for one option, and using a loom and reed front to back option two.

Barret is winding her first warp . SAORI WARPING FRAMES CLICK HERE

  This first warp is FRONT TO BACK
  She chose her colors and yarns these are cotton yarns
    Using the saori ch60 loom to beam on

  FIRST WARP BEAMED ON ALL  DONE in the morning !  She will wind another one  to take home neatly  and thread  it on her saori loom .

WINDING HER SECOND WARP  back to front method in the afternoon.

If you want to use varying size cones of yarn i use the NEW ASHFORD 6 CONE THREADING STAND CLICK HERE  I keep stock of the saori warping frames and this amazing cone holder email me ( all the info is on website WWW.SAORISANTACRUZ.COM or click on the hyper links to my etsy shop .

  I taught Barret how to wind a differnt way for her second warp. this way she can comfortably use a table top with the new KENZO TABLE TOP SYSTEM CLICK HERE  that takes half the time to make the same size warp as the first way of warping  also saving you leaning over your loom ie your back and saving you time.

   her 2nd warp of the day a  lovely custom  8 yard warp  taped to preserve the cross ready to take home and thread .


Meet a lovely family, mom Alyson  and two daughters who came to brush up on there spinning skills and to weave!

 Here is alyson and Isabel and she is spinning away!!!

  Isabel is spining Zoey is weaving !

  Now it is alysons turn  to spin why the girls weave!
I LOVE LOUET S10 WHEELS! I have taught 5 years olds and up on these wheels and they are so easy to use and reliable! never fussy! Alyson bought one  and the art yarn flyer with the bulky bobbins!

 ZOEY's  turn to spin she is a natural!

The Saori piccolo loom     

 Isabel loved weaving

  Zoey plied and then I showed her how to niddy noddy the yarn  off the bobbin

 then how to make and tie  a skein

 Her first skein of yarn!  😍

 ….. and her first saori weaving !

  Isabel 's  first ... weaving colorful and fun!


Marja came to learn how to spin class 

Now she had resevations on if she could learn and she did learn and  She did beautifully!
loved it so much she bought a spindle some fiber and a
 LOUET S10C SPINNIG WHEEL CLICK HERE she will back again for carding and art yarn classes


I finished my weave a yard a day for 30 days challenge!

This is the 3rd warp and the last 12 yards unfurled from my loom!

  soaked ,dried  and pressed  these are my slits/openings  that I  weave to incorporate  latter into my sewn clothing designs.

  the 12 yard awaiting designing and cutting!


Jill Nickolene Sanders

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