Wednesday, January 17, 2018

3 generations learn to weave at Saori Santa CRUZ

WELCOME  a new year and welcome to this wonderful family that  came to learn about weaving. Mom , dad, children, and ya ya grandmother.. 3 generations  and what fun they had!

  with Saori weaving there is no  prerequisite you come sit down and in a minute your are weaving
WANT TO TAKE A SAORI WEAVING CLASS ? saori santa cruz classes here 


   my friends  and I gathered at a local coffee house to spin on saint distaffs day

 cute spinolution wheel Kariann borrowed  to spin  no and she loves it and the light weight small size.

  quite a few louet wheels in our group vintage s10 to the new louet s10c wheels here


Henery Clemes from CLEMES AND CLEMES fiber tools 
came to the studio  with his wife to say hi and pick up an antique 150 year old   Norwegian wheel  he bought I had restored 

  see the niddy noddie on the bench? that is my  CLEMES AND CLEMES first and original niddy noddie like 49 years old i have had and used all these years! Henery said " oh my gosh i totally hand turned this niddy noddy!" yes they are made designrd and  made  the same  quality my all time favorite go to niddy noddy  for decades CLEMES AND CELMES NIDDY NODDY HERE

  Henery  and I  , he looked  at my clemes  and clemes modern wheel and answered questions for me

I still have my original clemes hand cards same vintage as the niddy noddy still working and made to last for decades.
I adore there ELITE DRUM CARDER too. the only drum carder that be manual or power 



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