Thursday, August 3, 2017

saori looms and weaving students at Saori Santa Cruz

Lets talk Mohair! 
I use mohair in the weft only in weaving, for Waldorf doll hair and for core spinning. have Mohair  on cones is a DREAM! I have it in my Etsy shop

 Lavender is my neutral for about 10 years now! love it to bits!
  a moss gree the best!
  and black makes colors pop!
 I now carry HUMUNGOUS  economical almost 4 pound cones of un mercerized  cotton cones in 8/2 and 5/2 weight  for dying and warps for weaving in my Etsy shop and from the studio !


 Georganne came to learn the Kenzo Jo new warping system

  first chose the warp yarns!
  next wind a warp a special way...

  comfortably beaming on the table top!
  all beamed on she is threading her harnesses!
  tie up the harness's , reed, and warp and take it home to your loom and hang it!!!

   GEORGANNE DID YOU ENJOY THIS!! just look at her face!  she said "YES  I DID! " SHE IS thrilled!!

Meet  Lori and Calgary !
 they came and learned about saori weaving a whole day class !

 ok course the new @TEAFORIA AMAZING INFUSER ! was served  for a perfect cup of of " velvet rubies black organic  tea  " !

 and trying on some of my saori garments….

  twisting fringes ...

  hi  lori  back again…. she  bought a SAORI CH60 LOOM  and accessories and picked it up...

 it fit in her   2016 Prius hatch back with plenty of room to spare

 here is Lori's new loom  all settled in at her house! congratulations !

  still spinning with freinds!


Hi Amy! lets learn how to wind a warp and thread a loom!

  the end of her first all day class weaving on a SAORI CH60 LOOM

saori canta cruz weaving classes here


 Lea needed to thread another ready made wap soooooo we did !

  I was threading a pink saori ready made  and the special warp special pink ready made warp here

 happy weaving Lea!

Hi Amy lets see your stole that you wove on your second day!

  I WOVE SOME APPETIZER SIZE DISH  small MATS  AS AMY WOVE  love my saori piccolo loom

  weeeee i am done!

 that is just such a nice stole! i know you had FUN!!!" I love it"

 meet Risa and her son John and Axia his wife who teaches Saori weaving in Osaka Japan at a Saori studio!  It was fun that they came for Visit. Risa lives in Santa Cruz now so she want to come come classes!

  one of my custom purses went home with Axia!

 I think I have caught  you all  up on  goings on in the studio!! 


Jill Nickolene Sanders

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