Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spinolution Pollywog wheel spinners and new Saori weavers!

The last week brought new spinners to the studio Jill was looking on line to learn but just only so much can be learned on Utube so she scheduled a 2 hour  beginning spinning class here  and did really well. i think the the Golding shepard's flock bronze ring top whorl spindle here helped Jill to grasp and suceed quickly. good tools really aid in sucess, no wobbly spindles that stop turning a couple of seconds!

 she spun two cops worth and then i said "let ply  it on the wheel"

 i set up the spinolution pollywog wheel which i carry and she did really great spinning any plying!

 here first skein wound off on the clemes and clemes NIDDY NODDY.. a golding spindle , fibers, and a niddy noddy went home with her to keep practicing!


Cassie promissed herself after tax season she would buy herself a portable spinning wheel !
she had looked at the SPINOLUTION pollywog WHEEL on line and scheduled a time to try and buy i am a dealer ..
  yep she loved it ! so i unpacked a new pollywog  after she had tried out mine  but it was love at first spin. it is only 8 lbs and easy to carry one of her requirments !
  she enjoyed spinning louet merino silk fiber from my shop very fine!
she wanted to add the optional  accelerator head . the ACCELERATOR HEAD allows for higher ratios and less  fast treadling . it also raises up the the pollywog several inches  the extra height which is  is not necessary to enjoy the pollywog  spinning , but the high speed ratios are nice for spinning finer yarns.

 Spinolution wheels are made in the USA i carry the firefly e spinner and the pollywog in the studio but can order any of the models and accessories  if you are interested go to my etsy shop or web site and email me for more info.

Kim came to the studio to pick up her Ch60 loom and learned how to thread a ready made warp to put on her new loom!

taking a break she tried on my glistening  ice palace ruanna , " it is sparling and even more lovely in real life" ruanna in my Esty shop here with hand spun and lots of textures.

 after the warp was threaded on the table top kim learned how to put it on her new loom.
  tada! time to pack up the loom and go home and weave! i got a eamil from her telling me how much she loves her new saori loom!

a try it class sucess!!!
  Elizabeths try it class results! she is hooked!
  Deb came by the studio to see the Kenzo Jo table top warping system look at her cute saori top she wove and sewed that she wore!

  she said her daughter designed  made a pattern for her to sew! just darling!

  Cindy came to the studio with her new Brother sewing machine to learn some things and how to put in a zipper~!!!!! loved it!

my " the crayon box spilled " cotton warp silk weft bias cut jacket on of a kind SILK JACKET UP IN ETSY SHOP HERE


if you have a Louet S17 wheel or thinking of buying one there is a new promotion! paint your wheel send in your design to louet North America and get $200 free fiber! louet s17 wheel in my etsy shop here

Peaceful weaving, spinning, and sewing in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders


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