Saturday, April 22, 2017

How Donna wove and created in her saori clothing class

Look at Donna's finished  Saori weaving from her new Saori ch 60 loom
she spent 4 days learning about her loom in a in Saori intensive at the studio.

Tim ,Donna's husband ,came with her  from Washington state and he found  many mountain  bike trails and ocean trails  to stay busy for her 4 days at the studio! 

  donna learned to thread using the saori threading holder away from the loom


end of day one

  In the afternoon we moved out to the deck to spend the next day weaving her yardage learning new tecniques.

 in the morning we learned tecniques
 LOVE those special selvages!!!!

  outside we learned the saori comb reed here

begining of day 3 weave , weave weave!!

and we have over three yards for the  creation of  a garment !!
  it looks great Donna!

  we soaked it and i hung it to dry over night in the studio
 TIM loved it too !

begining of DAY 4 SEWING!

  out in the tree house sewing studio donna and i explore designs

  Donna wanted something that looked good on her body type.i have over 30 muslins student s can try on. i have how much yardage each one takes.after trying on many donna chose this simple design because she like how it looked on her . let me stop and say the muslins are just a starting point… each student will decide how the design can be changed for themselves and how the hand woven yardage can be used to be more creative in it's applications.

draping and discussing ….

 and what the students call the" scary part" cutting into your yardage for the first time!

  pinning i want to mention my favorite sewing shears  gingher spring loaded shear here

 pin sew , pin sew

 try on many times and then….

   TA DA !!!! S he loves it ! and it does look really great on her

   if you are interested saori classes at the studio here  or email me from my website

  and it is TIM approved too!!!!
 just enough time to learn a few more tecniques and  then …

pack her new loom and bench in the suv for it's trip back to washington state!

 I have met a new Saori freind for life!  Thank you Donna it was a  such a wonderful intensive!

"Some time in the future I want to come back to learn how to wind a warp and learn a little about pattern-making…or at least, how to alter a pattern so it looks good on my body. I had such a good time those 4 days!"

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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  1. This looks like just the most awesome offering. I live on the opposite coast in Maine but we have just begun teaching Saori weaving. Oh if only you lived closer, we would love you as an instructor!! thanks Linda.

    1. Hi linda from the Atlantic side of the country !
      Thank you! i have been sewing since i was 11yrs old and weaving over 47 years so saori and sewing is like going out to the play ground for me to teach!


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