Thursday, October 6, 2016

October Saori woven Mobius cowl classes, spining on a golding drop spindle class and more.

As the fall equinox came so did students come to Saori Santa Cruz.
spinners and weavers. Rainey came from Oregon for my Mobious cowl scarf class and Antoinette   decided to weave one as well !

First I want you to see on the best most balanced and beautiful  Drop spindles ever made in the USA in Vermont . GOLDING SPINDLES "THE SHEPHERDS FLOCK " HERE

my student learned in a short while  ( about a hour ) how to draft on the golding  spindle. it  makes learning a brezze. no more wobbles, and stopped spining after only 3 seconds  on inferior spindles.
 The Golding spindles  can spin 30 or more seconds!

  then I  moved her to a LOUET SPINNING WHEEL HERE  she plied her two balls of  spindle spun on the wheel and did beautifully! spinning yarn classes in Santa Cruz here

 She will be spinning more at home but she is well on her way to  spinning beautiful yarn

Rainy came for a weave a saori cowl class

 She started out winding her warp on the unique Saori warping frame which makes fast work of winding because you can wind 5 threads at a time with just using your thumb for the cross!

 sleying the reed
 Still on the first day rainey threaded her just finished wound warp away from the loom  with the clever Saori  Threading holder here which holds  BOTH THE REED AND THE HEDDLES !

 warp tensioned and ready to weave tomorrow beautiful!!

day 2

  Day two the cowl weaving commences !
  ALL of my student Rave about my the scissors i put at each loom SCISSORS HERE 

  Antoinette  threading her ready made warp..

 a saori ready made warp in blues

  and Rainy is ready to weave in  her warps ends as weft! almost done!

  Ta da the cowl is off the loom!

she and I both used the BATTERY FRINGE TWISTER HERE to wind our fringes

  I love all the tecniques she used in her weaving !

 so darn cute
but before she left for the airport the hand spun wool big sur ruanna  that I wove designed and spun yarns for  was on her mind ...she coveted it  and decided it was a must have for the damp Oregon winters around the corner  she bought ….it it looks fantastic on her too!

Vicky bought a saori loom about 6 weeks ago and she creating amazing fabrics here is one of  her latest tops!

 and top 2!

 future yardage maybe a poncho?

  and this one in progress a square neck top! gauzey weave! beauiful Vicky! wow !
  We had a Maven meeting  and KAI at the studio  to hearld in the autum

 brenda showing her award wining skein of art  yarn...
Lea showing her new tecnique 

 jeanette working of her hand spun piece.

 Shar learning three color clasped weft on the SAORI PICCOLO LOOM HERE


thank you mavens ( and jon)!!!!! a really great day!

  Catilin came to try out the CLEMES AND CLEMES drum carder here and fell in love with it
she bought the manual part of the Elite convertable and some day may add the power base . the worlds only  convertable drum carder from manual to power easily. the elite sits on a table with NO CLAMPS NO SPECIAL POSITIONS AT THE EDGES BECAUSE THE HANDLE CLEARS THE TABLE WITHOUT IT HAVING TO  BE ON THE EDGE!

 I am am thrilled cooler morning and evenings have arrived and the leaves are turning and warm fuzzys are on my mind again.
PEACEFUL  weaving and spinning in  the california redwoods

Jill Nickolene  Sanders



 the new purl and loop in my shop  sample loom here

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