Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ashford rigid heddle looms, sample it looms, and knitters looms, and the country spinner 2

I have a suprise ! Saori Santa Cruz is a Ashford dealer now! All of the their rigid heddle looms, the sample it, the knitters looms as well as  the heddles, stands and accessories for all of them I carry and a few spinning wheels ! I love my Louet wheels but I also love and spin art yarns and bulky yarns on fantastic  my Ashford Country Spinner 2!  CALL OR EMAIL ME TO SET UP A TIME to Come by the studio to try it out!

finish the wood your self the classic non folding  Ashford rigid heddle loom here

the affordable Ashford Sample It 10" loom here finish it your self !

Now all the customer service  and trust you have enjoyed from me you know  I will still be there for you with Ashford products.
 I will only be selling What products  I  use , teach on and love. BUT I also  can order any thing  that you do not see so email me or contact me. my email  info is here If it is in stock it will ship the next bussiness day to you, or when it comes schedule a time to  come to the studio to pick it up!
the ashford spinning wheels and rigid heddel looms have been around for decades. it is my personal favorite rigid heddle looms and i have owned all the other brands! of course i adore my Saori looms and weave on the those 99% of the time, but for some who have not explored weaving ever this is a reasonable entry into the world of weaving and the ashford clicker pawls are strong  and the heddle sizes are the best available sizes 2.5 to 15 ends per inch! there is also a new Vari dent heddle reed with individual sections !

The ashford knitters oom lacquared and folds and comes with a great really well designed bag all shipped in the same box.

  Here is my  Ashford  Country Spinner 2 !!! Ashford country spinner 2 here

peaceful weaving and spinning in coastal redwoods of california
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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