Thursday, August 4, 2016

Natural Indigo dye vat started YEAY! Students and Saori weavings at Saori Santa Cruz

I love Indigo dyeing I have had a designated vat for 8 years but the drought was so bad here in California  I just haulted dyeing the last 4 years! My freind Maggie came over last week and we started my  new fresh indio vat ! All natural! using pickling lime, natural indigo, and sugar!

  From dinner linen  table napkins to a dress to a  hat a tote and ….


  I will do some "JILLBORI" (my version of shibori) next week and wind some warps too and dye those check back to see what I am up to with inigo nest week !


Sandi came for a try it class last week  and enjoyed it so much she came back for a zen weaving day monday  to create a scarf!
Antoinette  bought a Saori PICCOLO LOOM HERE and is threading a saori readymade warps here she chose a 200x300 and that will weave about 15" wide and 33 yarrds long so she threads once and weaves for 33 yards !!! no beaming on the loom thread hang tension weave!

  Vicki loved her ZEN WEAVING CLASS so much she came back for another one this week too! she is  weaving   some more pillow tops! Although her last weaving session resulted in one of the pillow tops being transformed into an amazing top at home! I love it!

  it is  always  fun to weave out side with the  fresh breezes. peaceful and relaxing  spening the day  weaveing on the lower teaching deck here at the studio.
  Sandi's scarf coming along she loved the bumble bee yarn here in my shop! I only have a couple left.

 Vicki loves the neutrals and textures for pillow tops!
  Sandi's scarf off the loom!

VICKI'S pillow top are great!!

time for twisted fringes

 love my Lacis fringe twister …...fringe twisters here in my Etsy shop
  and also   tying  the edges so that they do not unravel of the pillow tops too!

  SUCH A FANTASTIC SCARF! a very sucessful class!

 Antoinette finished threading and is weaving on her adorable PICCOLO loom!!!


   ORGANIC  Gotts certified popular 8/2 cottonlin or  cotton 15 cone set in my etsy shop HERE

 Almost 9 pounds of fiber I  spun for TOUR DE FLEECE this year here is the final haul, minus 3 skeins and some charkha spindles of cotton that for got put in the final photo!  enought to fit in a medium plastic kiddie pool!

 Wednesday  Sharon and Sam came for a mommy and me class and LOVED IT! they were at the Makers fair in April and wanted to come for a try it class!  Sam said," I loved it! I want to come back!

  Antoinette can start weaving !
 Sharron chose beautiful cool blues and greens  for yarns ..

  Antoinette is weaving ! she is so happy with her Piccolo loom. she has a SAORI WX60 WOOD FOLDING LOOM too but she wanted a portable loom to weave outside  here in northern California in her back yard!

  look who liked blue and greens too!

  Each has a branch from our property to hang there weaving on.

  A whole lot of creativity going on today!

  Fringe twisting the fringes if fast and fun and finished pieces so nicely..

 Peaceful weaving in the redwood mountains
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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