Friday, July 1, 2016

Saori weaving is FUN, Threading a Saori ready made warp and more

Saori weaving Students out on the lower teaching deck this week

 this is my warp on my Saori PICCOLO LOOM here

  A new Saori textured yarn set of novelity type yarns Saori yarn set in my Etsy shop here

 Saori Piccolo Inside set here  Change out a current weaving with out re threading ! brilliant !

 Beautiful HANDMADE  Ski shuttles with the bifurcated ( separated) cleats which allows you to wrap yarn in a figure 8 so it comes off the shuttle gracefully and you can get more yarn on it too! i love ski shuttles because the glide accross the warp with no draag these are oiled and waxed and are 20" long.great for fabric, ribbons, art yarns, bulky yarns and  mohair. more comming the second week of july so check back in my ETSY SHOP. hand made ski shuttles here


 a new weaving student who did amazing with Saori try it class info here

 Antoinette  is weaving two at a time skinny scarves on the piccolo loom.

Waiting for the appliance repair person to show for hours! I decided to thread a saori ready made warp and put a clock near by to time my self to see how long it would take!
this  warp one was 250 x30 that will be 20" in the  12.5 dent reed .

 Here I am just starting
 40 mins or so latter I am AT THE HALF WAY MARK. Please note I had 
3 phone calls , two texts , 4 emails so i will be decducting that time at the end …

 I am through threading  the heddles. I prefer to use the Saori threading holder here, to thread because I have a bad back reaching and bending over a loom is not good for me.

  sleying ( threading )the reed almost done still getting interrupted with  more emails and calls...

  TA DA! All finished!
 subtracting for intruptions I clocked about 2 hours and 7 minutes to thread a 33 yard 20" wide ready made warp! I popped it on the wx60 and I am ready for my next student! I had 2 crossed threads so very few errors but it is Saori and no worries other than those two threads! To put it on the loom took ten minutes.

still no repair person arrivial so I finished off a warp on one of my Saori wx60's in the studio.
  As the repair person finely arrived and  was fixing the appliance I braided and  soaked a hat and put it out in the sun to dry. a gift for my DH ! A very productive day!


  look what just arrived in post today! my new BULKY louet wolee winder and bobbins! just in time for TDF  starting July 2nd !

 LOUET Spinzilla  special fiber pack a over 50% savings this superb quality fiber . one is merino silk ( blue and yellow) 8 ozs each and 1 and half pounds of dyed merino is a beautiful reddish deep color…check it out what an amazing bargin. only 2 left .
Louet and other fibers in my ETSY fibers section of my shop here

want to dye your own?
  Ecru POLWARTH AND POL//SILK polwarth here and polwarth/silk here

love my Louet wheels I teach and spin with them take them to meetings fuss free wheel. call and come by the studio  to try them out or learn to spin. I keep most models of LOUET WHEELS IN STOCK so they can be shipped out with out waiting as well...

  th amazing victoria 6 lb travel wheel that you can not pry away from their owners  hands!
now with a art yarn head available!

louet wheel is my Etsy shop Louet wheels here and parts

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods to the sea
jill nickolene 

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