Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saori Santa Cruz sewing and weaving classes

Leigh Ann brought some more amazing finished  Saori yardage today
to create a jacket for mother.

 She used predominantly this fabulous bulky soft cotton yarns I carry on cones


  We started out draping the yardage on the dress form and then laid  out the fabric on the cutting table and looked to see what would work for the front and the back then the sleeves.

 Leigh ann has just learned to and started to sew . She bought her first sewing machine just a couple of weeks ago. So she wanted  me to suggest style options, placement options. all these she observed and learned how and why I made the choices , and I always asked her  " do like this , or this?" so although the design was mine and the esthetics, I had  her gorgeous talented fabric that she had woven to work with. WE ALWAYS CONFERRED and she was happy about OUR decisions. " Jill I always trust you, your work is amazing , I am in good hands I always learn so much from you. "

  Cutting out . a decision of the  jacket style and measuring and the  cutting began.

 sewing.. She knows how to wind bobbins and thread the machine now so  I pinned pieces for her and she sewed

  These are the (Gingher 8"shears  go here to see ) they are spring loaded shears  that I use , they cut through the fabric like a warm knife through butter and are very easy on your hands .

  pincut sew, pin  cut sew..
 try on pin

 hem and finish work still are  needed...

  It is looking awesome!

  we pressed and sewed some more and she went home to go shopping for  two special buttons and to do the finish the seams work , and the hand  sewing work. so I am hoping she sends me a photo of it when it is done before she ships it to her mom. She has enough yardage to weave a vest for her sister in law!  so she will be back ...wouldn't you love to be a recipient in her family of  one her amazing pieces?

Grand children's  visit always involves fibers in the studio of some kind or another !
Cooper winds a ball , no worries because it is not one of those plastic strip the gears ball winders BUT THIS HEAVY DUTY BALL WINDER HERE   
no fear of flying balls or breakage.


 Susan came  to the studio yesterday. We had such a fun time talking about sewing  ( susan teaches sewing in adult ed) and other  things that  I neglected to take more photos!

 She has been weaving on rigid heddle looms. She is ready now for a floor loom. she tried out the Saori wx60 and the ch60.
she loves the SAORI CH60 CLASSIC LOOM

  I showed her how to make her own custom yarn out of a group of various other cones of yarn
using the Saori cone winder attachment here

She loved the loom! So one went home with her. 
Susan  will be back for classes.
Very exciting congratulations! you will love your new Saori Ch60 loom and I bet beautiful  hand woven cloth clothing will emerge soon!

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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