Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saori weaving :Three pink ponchos and mother and daughter learn to Saori weave

3 SAORI hand woven ponchos I made for our three granddaughters .The girl cousins  received their birthday gifts all together on thanksgiving

  They were not taken off but worn on the trampoline, the slides , and fliting around into the night.
Sparkles do not show up, but their favorite colors are pink!

 In my Saori weaving group on Ravelry "weaving in the Saori way".
we have a WAL (weave a long) happening till the end of December come and join in  click hereravelry group page ( you can sign up for ravelry for free if you are not a member )

  Here are a few finished ponchos that have been posted to the ravelry group. FANTASTIC !


Jenyphyr from ravelry's wal



There is still time to join we love to share ideas and have a VIRTUAL on line Saori Kai! Stay tuned for more to come!

Two new weavers came to the studio for a try it class  Mother and Daughter. HOLIDAYS bring 2 and three generations  to  the studio they schedule a class  for a fun day of weaving no prior knowledge needed. I have classes with  families and freinds too. classes offered email me saorisantacruz  or check out try it class info 

  You may notice that there is a splint on one students hand? She had thumb / hand surgery and is unable to knit or crochet BUT she found out durning the class she is able to weave on a SAORI LOOM and with the built in bobbin winder it was easy to wind bobbins too.

 two hours flew by…

  Finished pieces!


Cold weather has me yearning to weave textured softness.
ENTER  mini small looped mohair boucle for the perfect addition for texture  to winter weavings

  This  4 skein set is called mermaid in my etsy shop click here for mermaid boucle set

  Theses are skeins with  250 yards each
  This two skein set "lady stark" is gorgeous

  and this last 4 skein set harrenhail castle

we finely have much needed rain here in california….  very grateful ….wood stove keeping us snug and I will be spinning and weaving for the next few days.
peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene 


  1. Just beautiful, Jill. The colors are alive and your three granddaughters are just magical in their ponchos. Lots of wonderful work going on there. Enjoy the holidays!!

    1. thank you! you know I was pretty close to the cloth so i can not see it as fresh pair of eyes can ...but i will say all three have kept the ponchos on for days. that really thrills me. you never know how hand made gifts will be accepted. Saori weaving so sooo fun. happy holidays to you as well.
      peaceful weaving


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