Friday, May 24, 2013

Saori 60 loom, auto bobbin winder, and studio musings

We once got a dump truck full of different gravels, when the guy drove up he said " here is your grocery load" Ok I found out that day that  a" grocery load" is more than one kind of gravel/ sand  etc. in one dump truck load.
So this blog is my" grocery load." A little bit of everything in this blog.

The TOUR DE FRANCE starts the end of June and runs through the 3rd week of July.
Ravelry has a group TDF "Tour De Fleece"
where you spin your own handspun  every day of the tour de france tdf ravelry group
My  ravelry weaving in the saori way group and we have our own TDF team group THE SAORI WAY 2013 TEAM has our own team. 
We are spinning to weave, any amount of spinning a drop spindle to wheels, come join in the spinning fun or view what we are up to. Not a raverlry member( over 3 million members now), dont know what ravelry is? Go here

And this is the team badge I designed

  See this beautiful cotton saori weaving? This is woven from my friend Sue on her SX60 saori loom.
I love having it draped and just hanging around the studio to enjoy. I have tentative plans for it, but for now it pleases me to have it on display.

 My student Lisa bought a Saori 60 ( non folding ) loom and my husband and I delivered it last week.
this is a dream come true for Lisa. She has some major disabilities but that has not stopped her from being positive and active and certainty creative. An amazing attitude joyful mom and wife and artist.
After the set up she is weaving!

 One of the amazing features of Saori looms is the ability to adapt to may disabilities and we are talking easy loom and winding adaptations ready and available and pre- thought about when the looms were designed. I brought over a very cool feature
the saori auto  bobbin winder guide  more info auto bobbin guide for her to use to see and she loved it and purchased it to help with her ability to wind her bobbins.
If you spin your own yarns you have heard of a woolywinder, well this is like that only for winding tighter fuller bobbins manually with out moving your hands back and forth while it fills.

 The auto bobbin winder clamps easily on to the saori loo shelf and uses saori cones yarns.
The special longer bobbins fit in the no rod shuttles saorishuttle
or the special pegged shuttle( see photo bellow) that is designed either to be used singly or with the shuttle shelf  ( the shuttle shelf allows you to easily throw the shuttle and loop catch it on each side so that is does not fall). Lisa has that on her next wish list. more info

Peaceful weaving Lisa

Maggie's tunic

Maggie came to the studio for a fitting and consult on her newly woven and sewn tribal sleevesless tunic/vest 

  Her sense of color, textures and joy of weaving come accross beautifully.

 Here she is playing with lapel options.

 Maggie's hand spun here debuting with silk kid yarns and some sequins  close up.

 Pinned for darts not sewn yet.
I suggested she try it on backwards too!  omg it is amazing that way too.

with the fringe flap turned inside
It looks equally good both ways.

Maggie with the fringe out (worn backwards) awesome designing mags! LOVE IT!

Planted and repotted  some Japanese maples on the lower deck yesterday

And then there is our lovely grand daughters cavorting playing fairies in the back yard...

Peace, Pause, Play
on your fiber journeys
Jill Nickolene

weaving in the redwoods

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